Ah, it seems like we'll never run out of entertaining stories from "Horndog High" (aka James Madison High School). Yesterday, the 36-year-old English teacher charged with statutory rape for repeatedly having sex with a 16-year-old student was indicted. And today comes a blast from the past: one of the two teachers who were accused in 2009 of having a steamy lesbian tryst in the janitor's closet—and subsequently fired by the DOE—will be allowed to teach again.

Supreme Court Justice Alice Schlesinger chastised the city for an “excessive and shockingly severe” punishment against teacher Alini Brito: “We have children who are deprived of a first-class, caring teacher, and a teacher who, due to one sensational, publicly exploited incident where she exhibited extremely poor judgment, is deprived of continuing a career she loves and excels at," Schlesinger wrote in her opinion. “That is not a good balance, in the opinion of this court. In fact, the imbalance is shockingly bad.”

To this day, Brito has claimed that co-worker Cindy Mauro was simply checking her blood sugar when they were seen by a janitor with their pants down and top off—but state arbitrator Mary Crangle had ruled that "there is no possible medical, nonsexual assistance that a partially naked person could possibly be rendering to another naked person in the position described." Nevertheless, Schlesinger said the city badly mishandled the case by destroying a schoolhouse surveillance tape.

The city plans to appeal the decision; as for Brito, who has already been immortalized in a white rap ode this week, we strongly suggest she stay away from James Madison.