...though not necessarily together. The International Olympic Committee has granted the NYC 2012 bid permission to alter and amend its proposal, given the extraordinary circumstances of, um, submitting a plan that won't have its cornerstone - the West Side Stadium. Even for NYC 2012 big organizers, it's unclear what the other options for a stadium would be (Shea Stadium? Something else in Queens?), which makes any scrambling sound like a last gasp effort to make good of millions and millions of dollars devoted to this effort. The NYC 2012 are even reportedly in talks with the USOC about the possibility of withdrawing if a new stadium solution can't be reached.

At the same time, the MTA is thinking about what it's going to do with its pricey parcel of land, if the Jets can't figure out a way to finance the stadium. At this point, the Jets are talking to the Giants about staying in NJ, in a new facility at the Meadowlands, but they are also considering NYC options. The MTA is still willing to sell the land to the Jets - if they want it - but will consider other development offers if that falls through, just not the last round of other bids, including Cablevision's. So expect some construction on the West Side!