Hooters has added insult to injury. If it isn’t painful enough to wear those tight, little, crotch-riding orange shorts, waitresses at the restaurant chain also have to dip into their paychecks to pay for the uniforms - which is illegal.

Two waitresses filed suit against Hooters of Long Island on Thursday in Brooklyn Federal Court charging the company never repaid them the money they laid out for the uniform, reports the Daily News. According to state law, employers are supposed to have work uniforms in stock and ready to go, if they’re not everyday street clothes.

The Copiague, Long Island and Bayside waitresses, who also have to share their tips with kitchen staff, spent $5.45 for orange hot pants, $6 for the tight-fitting Lycra tank top, $3.25 for a pouch, $2.50 for suntan pantyhose and $2.25 for thick white socks.

"I don't think that could confuse the Hooters uniform clothes as part of someone's ordinary wardrobe," said the women's lawyer, Louis Pechman. Obviously Pechman has not been to some of the finer parts of New York.