2005_09_prettywoman.jpgIf there was ever a story that could remind people that soliciting hookers is not a good idea, it would have to be this one: Mushtaq Azmat was shot in the head when the pimp of the prostitute he was, uh, spending time with, tried to rob him. But in the course of those heated moments, the pimp was caught in the gunfire of his associates and died from a chest wound. The NY Post describes how the victim and a friend met the hookers:

Azmat Mushtaq, 19, and Muhammad Usman, 20, met the women Monday night at a Midtown gyro stand and paired off to have sex in Mushtaq's white Infiniti, police sources said.

The women called the men on Tuesday night to meet up for more of the same, and were picked up on Kings Highway before heading to Bensonhurst.

The gyro stand? Anyway, the women left the car to "make a phone call," and that when the attempted robbery began. Usman, who had been in the back of the car, was uninjured. Mushtaq, a high school student, is at Lutheran Medical.