Alistair CookeThough Gothamist is a self-professed Anglophile who can often be seen fondling the Hob Nobs at Myers of Keswick, Gothamist admits to having totally missed the boat on Alistair Cooke. It must have been his long-running stint as host of Masterpiece Theater that shadowed his brilliant work for the BBC, the Letter From America.

Cooke's recent passing, just a few weeks after he completed his final Letter, has bittersweetly brought his old work to new audiences. The BBC has an amazing tribute page, with many transcripts of past Letters, including tons of Cooke's thoughts on American weather.

Check out Cooke's proper yet totally non-crotchity British take on two recent wintry blasts, Hurricanes Isidore and Floyd, and the spectacle that is El Nino. Alistair Cooke: Gothamist's first Honorary Weather Geek.