When you're a feng shui master whose bold attempt to seize the $4 billion estate of a late client-turned-lover essentially made all of Hong Kong hate you, is it karma when you get taken for a ride by a Queens limo driver? Well, that's what happened to Tony Chan, an infamous Hong Kong "boy toy", who was charged nearly $800,000 after taking a car service from Teterboro Airport to NYC.

The Post has the details on scam, which started when Chan was driven from Teterboro to Manhattan in 2008: "Chan paid for the trip with his American Express card -- and that car-service driver Peter Rahhaoui, of Flushing, Queens, then used the card number to rack up thousands of dollars in charges over the next few months. Amazingly, the controversial Chan is so rich that he didn't even realize he was being bilked, records show. It was only after a bank-security specialist noticed a suspicious pattern of activity on the card -- Rahhaoui's charges, some of which hit $19,000 in one month alone -- and notified authorities that the alleged $794,986 scam was uncovered."

Rahhaoui pleaded not guilty to charges, and legal experts tell the Post that Chan's legal problems "could undermine his credibility as a victim if the New York case gets to a jury." What are Chan's legal problems? Well, you see, the married Chan took up with billionaire real estate titan Nina Wang, 23 years his senior, and when she died, he produced a will claiming that Wang wanted him to have her fortune. But, earlier this year, a judge ruled that Chan's version of the will was a forgery. Chan faces charges for the forged will and other tax problems, which "open the door for Rahhaoui to claim that Chan had authorized the AmEx charges for a range of limousine services over several months and was now claiming fraud only because he faces tax and legal woes in Hong Kong."