Did you see the insane article about how NYC parents are going nuts over getting their kids into good nursery schools? Okay, parents who can afford $10,000 a year on nursery school, and this makes Gothamist realize we should have gotten a masters in early childhood education so we could start our own money-printing nursery school business, as we do enjoy graham cracker, apple juice, and fingerpaint. And the NY Times explains who's at fault with the epidemic of babies who need some learning:

Part of the problem is that the number of twins and triplets born to women in New York City has increased, according to city Health Department statistics.

In 1995, there were 3,707 twin births in all the boroughs; in 2003, there were 4,153; and in 2004, there were 4,655. Triplet births have also risen, from 60 in 1995, to 299 in 2004. Because preschools strive for gender and age balance in generally small classes — and also, some parents suspect, as many potential parental donors as possible — it is harder to get multiple slots in one class.

There are even early decision programs for nursery school - nursery school! Just wait till people start offering services as toddler tutors, so make sure kids know their colors, that hairpulling is only acceptable when you like someone, and how to choose a stuffed animal for show and tell. Hey, maybe there's something to that.