Why bother bringing weapons to school if you can just make your own pepper spray?

Princess Hall, a 16-year-old Staten Islander, is hot, hot, hot—or at least her homemade pepper spray is. According to police, the high school student was arrested this week after she whipped up her own batch of pepper spray and attacked another girl with it on Wednesday morning. Now Princess has been charged with third-degree assault and second-degree harassment. The Queen would not be amused.

"I mixed it up at home," Hall reportedly told a school safety agent after the attack. "I put in jalapeno peppers and some other peppers in water. I wore gloves so I wouldn't get it on my hands. I took it and threw it in her face."

It is not clear what set off the attack, which occurred outside New Dorp High School, but apparently the two girls had fought in the past. Afterwards the victim was taken to Staten Island University Hospital where her eyes were flushed and she was later released.