On Tuesday evening, Suffolk County police were called to a home in North Babylon because an explosion occurred in the basement. A 17-year-old was injured and, after hours on the scene, police later said that an "improvised explosive device" had been set off. Now, as cops continue to investigate the incident, it's reported that the North Babylon High School student had photographs of the Columbine massacre and killers on his bedroom door.

According to Newsday, "Despite [Vincent] Pizzone's statement that he meant no harm and planned to set the pipe bomb off in his backyard, authorities said they are still investigating whether he intended to use the device to cause property damage or hurt anyone." His high school was also put on "modified lockdown" as a precaution. Pizzone's father is a retired NYPD cop; it's believed Pizzone had made the bomb using gun powder from old bullets. His laptop and other items were seized.

Pizzone seriously injured his hand. A relative told Newsday, "He's not an emotionally disturbed kid, he's a good kid." Earlier this year, a 17-year-old was arrested for planting a crude bomb outside an Upper East Side Starbucks.