A woman was found dead on the sidewalk this morning at Avenue B and East 7th street in the East Village. According to police at the scene, the deceased was a homeless park regular at Tompkins Square Park, and no criminality is suspected. She was found at around 7 a.m. this morning, and has not yet been identified.

"It's where they're allowed to sleep—all the time they're sleeping," said Jose Vargas, who was hosing down the sidewalk at a nearby church on 7th street. Referring to area on the east side of Avenue B between 7th and 8th in front of the St. Brigid school, Vargas added, "That little area is like their house, so they're always staying there. The scaffolding protects them. We're trying to fix the community but they're always shooting up over there."

Grace, another homeless Tompkins Square Park regular in her 30s, died in the very same spot in February.