Last week, a man was spotted on the E train in nothing more than his socks and sneakers enjoying a very fleshy trip through Manhattan. More people came forward with photos of this empowered nudist in other parts of the city. Now, the Post has been able to track down nudist Ed Haines, who is pretty proud of his exploits—even if he can't quite remember all of them.

The Post found him in Madison Square Park, one of his regular hangout spots. "I like to be naked. It turns me on," Haines, 40, told them. "I wish I could do it all the time. I would if I could if I wouldn’t get in trouble."

Although he didn't quite remember at first, Haines eventually confirmed that he did indeed ride the subway nude around 8:30 p.m. on Nov 6th—and ended up in a hospital later that night. "I saw it in The Post and knew I had been naked," he said. As for the second photo: "That could have been anytime."

We're very glad Haines owns his nudity (he gets naked in public "a lot," by his own estimation), even if everything else about the brief profile is tinged by the reality that Haines apparently is a homeless alcoholic who is jealous of Kim Kardashian. "I wish I could get naked like that," he said about certain recent headlines, presumably wistfully.