Earlier this month, a 75-year-old woman was beaten with a nail-studded wooden plank by a homeless man in midtown Manhattan. Andre Lineaux, 51, admitted to police that he repeatedly beat Kim Chong, 74, with the 2-by-4 piece of wood. And he says that it was an homage to a Stephen King novel, Storm Of The Century.

Lineaux, whose real name is Wayne Gordon, told witnesses as well as police on the scene that they should read King’s 1999 book Storm of the Century and watch the TV miniseries—in it, the character Andre Linoge wears yellow gloves (just as Lineaux did) as he beats an elderly woman to death with a cane. He “continued to reference” the movie and the book during an interview with cops, according to court papers.

Kim suffered head wounds, including a gash that required 15 staples, suffered a broken left arm, broken fingers on both hands from the attack, and remains hospitalized. Lineaux allegedly tried to steal a court officer's weapon the first time he awaited arraignment, and had to be subdued and brought back into custody. He has been charged with attempted murder, assault and weapons possession.