A 33-year-old homeless man was beaten to a pulp by unidentified assailants in a brutal street fight near the Staten Island Ferry terminal on Staten Island this morning. The Staten Island Advance reports that the unidentified victim was badly beaten at approximately 2:30 a.m. by two younger men—one witness tells the Daily News his assailants "left him there to just basically die." Then an off-duty police officer ran him over with his Ford Explorer.

Witnesses say the officer didn't see the victim lying bleeding in the darkened street. His broken body was trapped under the vehicle and had to be carefully removed, but he survived. “He was smashed up underneath, like an accordion,” a witness tells the News. "It was awful.” Police sources tell the Advance the man suffered a broken pelvis, broken femur, and spine and leg injuries, and is in serious but stable condition. His assailants were seen fleeing in a cab and remain at large; it's still unclear what prompted the assault.