Yesterday, police released video of a person (who they identified as a woman) who allegedly vandalized a 9/11 memorial in Brooklyn. It turns out that 'woman' was actually a homeless man, who has now been arrested and charged in the incident.

Police have arrested Elliot Baez, 58, and charged him with criminal mischief for smearing white paint on the Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance at Coney Island MCU's Park (the home of the Cyclones). You can see video of the suspect below.

The memorial features the names and images of 346 FDNY firefighters, 37 Port Authority officers, 23 NYPD officers, and a K-9 rescue dog. Local politicians and family members of those people featured on the memorial were outraged at the crime. "You wonder if it’s a directed attack, somebody trying to send a message," Jim Smith, a retired police officer who was married to Moira Smith, the only female NYPD officer killed on 9/11 (and one of the people whose portrait was defaced), told the News. "This is inexcusable," local community board Chuck Reichenthal told the Post. "I don’t care who did it."

Baez, whom the Post describes as "mentally-troubled," apologized for the vandalism: "I’m sorry for whatever I did," he told them as he was being arrested. "I just came to Coney Island for a suntan."