Yesterday, a young woman was shoved onto the train tracks in front of an oncoming Metro-North train in Westchester. Hunter College student Maya Leggat, 21, was standing on the northbound platform of the White Plains station just after 11 a.m. Wednesday when 39-year-old homeless man Howard Mickens allegedly shoved her onto the tracks. “A homeless man hangs out in front here — decides he wants to inflict some pain to somebody, asks somebody for change,” newsstand operator Gary Waxman told CBS. “And one girl upstairs decides to come out of bathroom. She refused to give him money, and he pushed her in front of the train.”

“I see [Mickens] every day,” Waxman told the Daily News. “This is the first time he’s ever done a heinous act like this.” Leggat was rushed to Westchester Medical Center, where she is listed in critical condition with a mangled leg. “She’s gonna need multiple surgeries on her leg — it could take months.” a family member told The Post. “She also has a head injury. She’s cut up pretty bad.” Witnesses also said she lost some fingers in the incident.

Mickens was arraigned on attempted murder charges today. He has 11 previous arrests for robbery, assault and drug possession convictions. “We are very angry because we found out that the guy was hanging out at that station for the last six months causing problems,” Leggat's family member added to the Post.