Julia Diaco and her mother; Photo: NY Post

More details about Julia Diaco, the NYU freshman arrested for dealing drugs: She was released after pleading not guilty and posting $10,000 bail. Her lawyer is saying, "A lot of the drugs were for use by herself." Yeah, $1,000 worth of pot for herself. Recreational drug users always have scales on hand.

With siblings at Harvard and Princeton, plus attention on her wealthy family, the papers are painting a picture of a rich girl desperately trying to find herself, using the drugs to make friends and drugdealing as a way to be "down." Diaco befriended the homeless and brought them back to her dorm and fed them. But the craziest thing is that Newsday says that many female NYU student avoid Washington Square Park, while Diaco frequented it. There are so many female students in the park! That's how you get the class! Anyway, one of her homeless friends, Jameil Wilson says he warned her about selling drugs in the park, because of the many cops (this is true - even David Lee Roth was arrested there buying a dimebag), as well attests to the quality of the pot Diaco sold, "She sold me some weed a couple of times. It was pretty good stuff."

A dormmate continued to tell the press, "They [and Gothamist assumes that he means the NYPD] spent a long time catching the most inept drug dealer in the world," adding that Diaco was just looking for friends. And in the "a-ha!" section, one NYU student says "definitely more than one girl at NYU selling" drugs. Well, duh!

Washington Square News, the NYU student paper, calls Diaco a "coke peddler" and notes that journalists have swarmed Diaco's dorm, Hayden Hall. Seriously, after all the craziness at NYU, we're surprised the Post or Daily News haven't sent their reporters to go undercover at NYU, not that they'd have to try very hard.