Okay, Gothamist totally gets that Homeland Security's funding for urban areas was cut overall. And we know - and appreciate - that NYC got lots of money in the first few years of the program. But reading this explanation of why NYC's bid for funding led to a 40% decrease in money is rich:

Homeland Assistant Secretary Tracy Henke, a former GOP Senate aide, told NEWSWEEK that, in the Feds' assessment, the Empire State Building was counted as a tall building and the Brooklyn Bridge as a vital transportation facility. (The Statue of Liberty was counted as a New York state, rather than NYC, asset.)

So, if you think that lovable NYC icon is a monument or landmark, you'll probably disagree with the Department of Homeland Security, who would probably reclassify everything in the city in order not to pay up. Representative Anthony Weiner pointed out these anti-terror costs from the DHS:

- A $30,000 trailer for the October Mushroom Festival in Madisonville, Tex.
- $160,000 for plasma TVs in Montgomery County, Md.
- $36,200 to block terrorists from raising money in Kentucky bingo halls.

If NYC set up more bingo halls...

And it seems like Center for Disease Control funding for NY will be cut as well. Hello, avian flu!