Just when it looked like The Man was standing up for photographer's rights, or at least understanding the law, things have gone sour again. Carlos Miller reports that 43-year-old professional photographer Randall Thomas "was jailed for six hours—and had his camera and memory card confiscated by a judge—after filming an FBI building from across the street in New York City Monday."

He was standing at the corner of Duane Street and Broadway and was doing a pan of the building with his video camera when he was accosted by security. When Homeland Security was called in and asked what he was filming, he said, "That’s none of your business." Probably the magic words that landed him behind bars for six hours. They brought him up to the 10th floor of the building he was filming, and placed him in a holding cell, charging him with disorderly conduct, failure to comply and impeding duties of a federal officer. They also got a judge to sign a search warrant, which allowed them to confiscate his camera and memory card, neither of which were returned.

Previously Thomas had been arrested for taking a photograph of the same building, but he never heard back about the case after pleading not guilty.