2005_09_waldorfhotel.jpgThere's something hilarious about the idea of all the world leaders, in for the UN's World Summit, staying at the same hotel. They're not all staying at one hotel, as we learned from today's Times article about how hotel managers have had to make do with their limited number of super high-end suits for the visiting world leaders, but we think it'd be funny, a dorm for the world leaders. Like they would have to round out quarters for the laundry, figure out who would need to clean the suite, sign up for time to watch cable in the common room. But it's actually as glamorous as it's supposed to be for a world leader, with your advance team visiting various suites and deciding whether or not you should have dazzling views of Central Park or three bedrooms with a grand piano. There's also a shortage of world-leader-quality rooms because many hotels have been converted to condos...which makes us wonder if countries will simply rent out deluxe apartments in the sky next time around.

President Bush, Russian President Vladimir Putin (Pooty Pants), and Chinese President Hu Jintao are all staying at the Waldorf-Astoria. This morning, President Bush addressed the UN (more counterterrorism, please) and traffic started its three day snarl, which leads some to wonder if the UN should be relocated to, say, Governors Island. And for another take on the World Summit, read Nicholas D. Kristof's Op-Ed lament about the U.N.'s failure to confront world poverty.