Amid complaints that Citi Field was overrun with Dodgers memorabilia and didn't contain enough Mets history, the franchise has made a renewed effort to show that Citi Field is the home of the Mets. The biggest change was moving Shea Stadium's "Home Run Apple" from the bullpen plaza to outside the stadium, where it will greet fans as they get off the 7 train. Mets Executive Vice President Dave Howard told NY1, "It will be, we think, a very popular meeting point, photo opportunity point outside the building."

The Apple's previous home was in center field at Shea Stadium. Introduced in 1980, it would rise out of a large top hat any time a Met hit a home run, and fans were adamant that the old apple should move with the Mets to the new stadium. But other changes have been happening around Citi Field. The Mets have added large photos of past and present Mets stars around the stadium, including original manager Casey Stengel and pitcher Tom Seaver. They've also installed plaques in the ground commemorating big moments in Mets history, including their World Series victories in 1969 and 1986.

However, the speed of installation won out over accuracy in the 1986 World Series plaque. notes that Game 7's winning pitcher was Roger McDowell, not plaque-credited Sid Fernandez. Amazin'! The New York Times reports the Mets have removed the brick and are in the process of replacing it.