2007_06_bone.jpgThere was a strange unmapped incident on the Gothamist Newsmap yesterday afternoon: "Founded [sic] Bones" in the Bronx. It turns out that a contractor found some bones - and a rusted gun - "embedded in cement," according to WNBC 4.

Jim Bailey was knocking down a concrete wall when he discovered three bones. He told the AP, "When we knocked the walls down, we just noticed a piece of bone sticking up." WNBC has a slideshow of the find - it's pretty creepy.

The ME's office hasn't determined whether the bones are human, but we bet the NYPD is ready to check their cold case file. The current owner only bought the house in January; WCBS 2 says that the house was built in the 1920s, and the shed area where the bones were found is from the 1970s. Bailey told WCBS, "I just hope it's closure for somebody and that they know what happened to a loved one."

Bones were found at the site of Donald Trump's SoHo condo-hotel, but the bones were from a burial ground.