2008_05_uwshomein.jpgThe NYPD released these photos of two men suspected of robbing a townhouse on West 87th Street in Manhattan.

Last Friday, the suspects allegedly asked a 10-year-old girl who was playing outside the house if an adult was home. The girl was the daughter of the homeowner's housekeeper, and the owner Mark Appel told the Daily News the men "forced her into the house."

They made the girl and her mother stay in a bedroom--Appel said, "One guy kept guard while the other guy robbed the house"--and the suspects eventually made off with a laptop, a digital camera, cash and other items. The woman and child were not hurt.

People with more information should call Crimestopper (800-577-TIPS). And the NYPD advises people not to open their doors unless they are absolutely sure they know who is on the other side--home invasions have been on the rise over the past few years.