A 70-year-old woman was attacked by a home invader who broke into her Bay Ridge home and hit her with broken glass from a vase and a mirror, according to police.

Police say the unnamed victim was in her apartment on Ovington Avenue near Fourth Avenue shortly after 10 p.m. on Saturday when Luis Hernandez, 42, knocked on her door. She opened it, thinking it was a neighbor—instead, it was Hernandez, who allegedly told her, "The cops are after me," before pushing her further into the apartment. Cops say he grabbed her in a headlock, beat her, and hit her over the head with a mirror and a vase. He allegedly repeatedly slashed her with the broken glass.

A neighbor heard the woman's screams and called the police; when they arrived, they found Hernandez on top of her. Hernandez allegedly resisted arrest, prompting police to hit him with a taser. He was arrested and charged with assault 1 and 2, as well as burglary.

The woman sustained lacerations to her neck and hand, though cops managed to stymie the bleeding using a quick-clot tourniquet. She was taken to Lutheran Medical Center in stable condition.