The NYPD has arrested a second suspect in the Bed-Stuy home invasion that left a 91-year-old man dead earlier this month. Police say the 46-year-old culprit was a home health aide for the victim and his 100-year-old wife, who was also targeted in the attack.

Suzanne Troutman, 46, was arrested yesterday and charged with second-degree murder, assault, and burglary in connection with the October 11th invasion, in which she and Dwayne Blackwood, 27, allegedly used an electrical cord to hog-tie 91-year-old Waldiman Thompson and his 100-year-old wife, Ethlin, in their Decatur Street home and robbed them of $5K. Waldiman Thompson suffered a heart attack in the invasion and died in front of his wife.

Cops say Troutman drove Blackwood, who is her nephew, to the Thompsons' residence, along with a 3-year-old child and another unidentified man. Troutman had worked for the Thompsons for about two years, and prosecutors say she likely planned the attack.

"She took care of the Thompsons. She used her trust to betray them and commit this crime," Assistant District Attorney Bernarda Villalona said in court yesterday. "The defendant is the key to planning this home invasion. She had the knowledge and the trust. She caused his death."

Troutman's attorney, Gregory Watts, denies his client was the mastermind behind the fatal invasion. "She didn’t plan it. She didn’t assist it," he said in court, adding, "None of it’s true. The NYPD makes stuff up."

Blackwood was arrested on Friday, and faces similar charges of assault, murder, and burglary.