JFK was the Number 2 airport in NYC today* after a water main break in Terminal 5 caused a very messy situation for travelers, who were not allowed to use the bathrooms.

"Today in our crumbling American infrastructure: a water main break at JFK's JetBlue terminal means no running water and no toilets," Alexei Esikoff, who was waiting to board a flight at the time, told us. "An overhead announcement requested we all 'hold it' until we board our planes. You don't want to see the current state of the toilets here."

We immediately requested photos from Esikoff, but she was already on board her flight.

Esikoff added that no water or water bottles were being provided by airport workers. Despite the fact that "the bathrooms were all roped off, people were ducking in anyway," which must have created a total shitshow.

Thanks to the aerial footage from Chopper 4, you can see the "big brown mess outside the terminal" for yourself.

Buses to the airport were delayed in both directions this morning, but the airport claimed the break issue had been resolved by 10 a.m. However, travelers said the bathrooms were still closed off to people by midday, because the water pressure had not been restored.

"Every bathroom is closed in this building with thousands of people who just got off a plane. No restaurants are serving anything fresh," tweeted frustrated flier Jeremy King. Wait... is the food served in JFK locally sourced from the restrooms*?