Hollywood imagines SoHo; Photo: NY Times

The Times' Home section visits Hollywood backlot of New York streets:

The New York streets are hardly an exact duplicate of New York. A haunting, unmistakably dreamlike atmosphere pervades the back lot city — one that begins, paradoxically enough, with a kind of hyperreality in which every surface, shape and material, all lighted by the high California sun, seems more sharply defined, more real, than the real thing.

Okay, aside from hyperreality and blaming the sun, missing from the streets: Rats, litter, dog poo and piss, used Metrocards, stacks of newspapers and stanking garbage bags, AM-New York issues fluttering on the ground, broken bottles and cans, the kid with piercings who just ran away from home, a found a dog and needs money....

Also, Gothamist couldn't tell if the SoHo backlot (picture, right) was supposed to be SoHo of yesteryear, because the subway entrance certainly isn't of-the-past-ten-years or so.