Police reportedly had a tough time tracking down suspects in the fatal shooting of bread deliveryman Jorge Martinez because there was a lack of officers available to immediately check out the scene. Many officers in the Gravesend area on the night of the shooting had been assigned to patrol events leading up to the West Indian Day Parade on Labor Day, and a few were investigating a shooting on Avenue K in Canarsie that had taken place a half an hour before. The two events left few unavailable to investigate the rooftop shooting. Is this that consequence of the budget cuts everyone was warning us about?

While cops investigated the Avenue K shooting, one Brooklyn detective says Martinez's death was overlooked. He told the Daily News, "Here was a workingman, a taxpayer, killed on a Friday night. You didn't see the manpower his murder deserved assigned until Tuesday when the rest of the department was back at work." That Tuesday, police recovered bullet casings from three different guns, and believe the gunman may have been practicing.

Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne claims there were more than enough cops in the area that night, saying, "At all times, regardless of shifts between Friday and Tuesday, no fewer than eight NYPD personnel [and] as many as 40 were assigned to the 60th Precinct homicide." However, sources say they could only scrape together about 10 cops to sweep the scene that night, some of which had to come from the surrounding 61st and 62nd precincts. No arrests have been made yet, and one source said of the full investigation into Martinez's case on the following Tuesday, "Nobody works the weekend. It is outrageous. And holidays? It's just worse."