Hoverboards: If they're not violently throwing riders into the hardwood floors of their suburban homes, they're spontaneously combusting while charging. What a great gift!

A New Jersey family on Sunday became the latest victims of the Flaming Hoverboard, after the device burst into flames while they were out of the house. The gadget was charging when it caught flame, leaving a large singed patch on the carpet.

"FYI Be careful when charging up Hover boards, we responded to call today due to a hoverboard catching fire," the Lanoka Harbor Fire Station posted on its Facebook page, along with photos of the charred carpet. "Do not leave them unattended monitor them while charging.... Register them for warranties & Check for manufacturer recalls."

The fire remains under investigation by the Ocean County Fire Marshall's Office.

Both Amazon and Overstock.com recently pulled some hoverboards from their inventories thanks to their propensity for unplanned pyrotechnics. They're also illegal to operate in NYC, since they're viewed as motor vehicles that can't be registered.

Some local politicians have criticized the ban, calling the $200 fine a cash grab by the NYPD.

But the real reason you shouldn't buy a hoverboard can be found in the revelatory hashtag #hoverboardfail.