The Granny Juror; Photo: NY Post

The wacky juror in the Tyco case, who may (this is Gothamist's poor, unfounded speculation based on nothing) be the the one juror causing the jury dissension, gets the Post treatment today. The Post, who had been calling her, "the holdout granny," reports that 79 year-old Ruth Bennett Jordan is, among other things, listed in the Social Register and described (by a friend) as being "self-centered, 'paranoid' and 'loves to be contrary.'" Yeah, that's pure gold for any trial lawyer, when a juror flashes the "OK" sign to you. Gothamist believes in the American justice system, and if a mistrial is found, because of the squabbling "poisonous" Tyco jury, then that's that. But we think that the muckety mucks that used Tyco funds as their personal saving account are worse than lawyers.

If they make a TV movie about this, Angela Lansbury would play the granny juror, and it would turn out she was right all along or something.