The MTA, the perpetual bearer of bad news, has finally sopped up all that "will-they-won't-they" tension and admitted they'll raise fares next year. Starting Monday, however, they'll determine exactly who will be most screwed by the hikes. According to officials in the know, the MTA will go over a few proposals and choose from the following:

  • Keeping base fare at $2.25 and upping a 30-day MetroCard to $125 (from the already bank-breaking $104) and a weekly to $34 from $29. And under this proposal, the MTA would also slice two percent off the pay-per-ride bonus, which is currently a seven percent bonus at $1.40.
  • Killing the pay-per-ride bonus entirely, keeping base fare at $2.25 and hiking a 30-day card to $119, a weekly to $32.
  • Maintaining the bonus, upping base fare to $2.50, a 30-day to $112, a weekly to $20.
  • Upping base fare to $2.50 and a 30-day to $109, keeping a weekly at $29 and tossing the bonus entirely.

The MTA will be holding public hearings in November to discuss which proposal is the lesser evil and a final vote will take place in December, making this the year to ask Santa to stuff your stocking with prepaid MetroCards. The fare hike of choice will go into effect in March, which is also conveniently around the same time the DOT says we'll finally be blessed with our magical (and seemingly mythical) CitiBike bike share program.