wxch_sfc120307.jpgThe snowfall season started off with 1.4 inches of flakes accumulating in Central Park yesterday. That doesn't sound like much but it puts us more than halfway to the December average of 2.6 inches. Unlike in icy New Jersey, rain and increasing overnight temperatures took quick care of what snow did fall across the city.

There are a lot of rings around the Great Lakes low pressure system on this morning's surface weather map. The tightly packed rings mean one thing: wind! Nature abhors a vacuum and is going to try and fill in that low by sucking in air from hundreds of miles around. The National Weather Service has issued a Wind Advisory. Winds are expected to pick up to a steady 30 miles an hour by this afternoon through late in the evening. Gusts could be as high as 50 mph, which makes Gothamist happy our trucker hat has a chin strap.

Temperatures should gradually drop today from our current high of 45 degrees. Winds will still be around 20 mph tomorrow, with a high only around 40. There's a slight chance of a few flurries on Wednesday. Highs will be 10-12 degrees cooler than normal from Wednesday through Friday.

This morning's surface weather map from Weather.com.