Nearly a week after an 18-year-old Hofstra student claimed that five men raped her in a dormitory bathroom—only to later admit the story was fake—the freshman may face charges for her lies, which put four of the "suspects" behind bars for two days.

According to Newsday, a law enforcement official says that the Nassau County DA's office and police are getting corroborating evidence (more videotape?)—charges will come "within days." Former Nassau County prosecutor Joy Watson, a Republican who is running for the DA job, said that DA Kathleen Rice should have acted sooner: "A crime was committed, and there's no question who committed the crime.... I prosecuted cases in the past where we had false allegations made, and arrests were made immediately." But Rice's spokesman said that Rice "doesn't make snap judgments or let political expedience replace diligent fact-finding in investigations, so it's disturbing to hear that a candidate without the facts running for such a serious office would attempt to politicize and score political points on an issue like this."

And perhaps as a zing to the Post's Saturday cover story with two of the falsely accused men, the Daily News's Michael Daly had a Sunday column that starts with, "If these five guys have no sense of shame, they should at least shut up. No young woman would consent to having sex with five guys in a bathroom unless she was seriously troubled."