Around 2 a.m. today, police say that an armed man wearing a ski mask forced his way into a Uniondale home where four Hofstra students reside—and after police arrived, gunfire broke out, leaving a female student and the suspect dead.

Details are very vague at this point. What's known is that one victim was allowed to leave the house and go to an ATM for cash—she ended up calling 911. It's believed the gunman was holding her friend at gunpoint until she returned. Police arrived at 2:29 a.m., and that's apparently when the shooting began.

A neighbor told WCBS 2, "I came home last night 10 minutes before it happened and I heard screams. I ran outside and police officers were like, ‘go back inside your house, go back inside your house.'" Another said, "I heard people fighting. They were screaming; one girl it sounded like she was pleading for her life, it was really scary.”

The home is just south of Hofstra's campus and there's an elementary school across the street.