2005_10_hockeymask.jpgThe investigation of Antoine Twitty, a 40 year old man who police believe killed at least two women, got a shock when Twitty killed himself at a friend's apartment. Twitty's landlord had entered his apartment to track down a terrible smell, only to find a woman's corpse under a pile of laundry and another body stuffed inside the refrigerator. The police then found two hockey masks and a chainsaw, leading them to wonder if Twitty might have been responsible for the death of Antoine Brazzell, whose body parts were found in a garbage bag on subway tracks earlier this year.

Various witnesses say that Twitty would go crazy when he smoked crack, worrying police that they had a "lunatic" on the loose. The Daily News says that Twitty confessed to the murders before he "blew his brains out," and when the NY Times told Twitty's landlord that he was dead, Marvin Odums said, "I'm relieved. I was looking over my shoulder for the last few days."