Today, Hoboken is celebrating St. Patrick's Day early as usual with a parade and other festivities. But after previous years' antics —sex, public urination, pooping in apartment buildings' common areas— giving town officials and residents a headaches, Hoboken police are vowing "zero tolerance" for troublemakers, who will also be flirting with $2,000 fines for disorderly conduct (open containers of alcohol included!).

The fines were doubled from last year in hopes of discouraging bad behavior. Barshave been open since 9 a.m. and the Star-Ledger there may be a reason for that: "Last year, bars opened at 11 a.m., but people began lining up at around the same time bars will now be accepting patrons. This way, it appears police and the administration expect potentially rowdy revelers to be monitored in an enclosed environment - off the streets - in the morning hours."

100% of Hoboken's police are apparently on hand—last year, there were 376 arrests. Over at Hoboken 411, people on the live chat are wondering which bars have no lines and, after the jump, video of last year's revelry set to the Pogues.