Bloomberg and Clinton; Photo - APGod, there's nothing like a Clinton-running-for-office rumor to make Democrats and Republicans wet, though for different reasons: Representative Charles Rangel is trying to stir things up by saying he is telling Bill Clinton to run for NYC mayor. Of course, the mayor is pretty vulnerable right now, public opinion wise, as Bloomberg officially has the lowest poll numbers - 24 percent approval rating - of any New York mayor. Ever. The Times says it's part of a pall of pessimism that has set upon New Yorkers about the way the city is going - high unemployment, no smoking, more sales tax, etc.

The stress might be getting to him, as Bloomberg freaked out at the New York Post at an event, accusing them of distorting his record. (Hey, Mayor, have you ever read the rest of the Post? It's all they do with anything!)

The Mayor is trying to get back into our good graces by proposing tax-free clothing weeks, which seems to be another remarkable move of political derring-do (for this mayor, at least) to beat the City Council in announcing it for the good will. But the City Council did unanimously vote to end sales tax on clothing under $110 next year, versus 2005.