2006_01_lesbianmike.jpgIt's all about lesbian chic in City Hall these days! First, gay City Council member Christine Quinn is made the City Council Speaker, and now, City Council member Margarita Lopez dubs Mayor Bloomberg an "honorary lesbian"! And the Mayor didn't admit to watching the L Word or thinking about adopting a baby from China with his girlfriend - all he did was turn over a few city buildings on East Fourth Street to arts organizations in Lopez's district. Lopez's designation (Sapphicization?) of the mayor was in the context of saying she wanted the mayor to perform in a theater piece and he'd be "part of the group of people that I am part of, the gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender community. And I'm making him an honorary lesbian." Mayor Bloomberg did laugh and say, "Let the record show that the mayor moved right along after that." Hmm, would Brian Ellner call Mayor Bloomberg an "honorary homosexual?"

At this point, the Mayor is still against gay marriage (he's waiting for NY State to make it constitutional before supporting it in NYC) and the arts organizations who are benefitting from the East Fourth Street buildings are Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company, Choices Theater Project, Cooper Square Committee, Cooper Square Mutual Housing Association, Downtown Art, Duo Theater, IATI (Instituto Arte Teatral Internacional), La MaMa Experimental Theater Club, Millennium Film Workshop, New York Theatre Workshop, Roy Rogers Dance Company, Teatro Circulo and WOW Cafe Theatre.