If you are one of the many drivers currently moaning about the price of gas, Bloomberg doesn't so much care - at least when it comes to reducing or capping the city's gas tax. On his weekly radio address yesterday Bloomberg was asked about the possibility of capping the 4% gas tax which the city currently enjoys. This approach to dealing with the high prices is being floated all over the country (and in Albany which is getting set to cap its 4% gas tax).

But just because other folks are cutting back their taxes doesn't mean we should. "A small reduction in the tax is going to hurt this city, and it's probably not going to reduce the pain very much for everybody," Bloomberg said.

What kind of numbers are we talking here? Well, capping the city's tax would probably cost us around $50 million, or nearly enough to pay the salary of almost 1,000 police officers or teachers.

"The long-term solution in this country, which nobody wants to hear, is to use an awful lot less energy and to get away from fossil fuels," Bloomberg said.

We are so with Bloomie on this one. We'd take teachers and cops over cars any day.

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