2007_09_dohchart.gifThe Health Department released preliminary data that shows HIV infections increasing among gay men under age 30.

Specifically, for men-who-have-sex- with-other-men (MSM) under 30, HIV cases have increased by 33% and account for 44% of all new diagnoses (in 2001, they accounted for 31% of all new cases). The number of older MSM with new diagnoses of HIV is declining, but the number of new HIV cases for MSM between ages 13 and 19 has doubled. Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Frieden expressed his concern, "We’re headed in the wrong direction. Unless young men reduce the number of partners they have, and protect themselves and their partners by using condoms more consistently, we will face another wave of suffering and death from HIV and AIDS.”

Other facts from the Health Department:

  • Blacks and Hispanics still bear a disproportionate share of New York City’s HIV burden. Among all MSM, blacks received twice as many HIV diagnoses as whites in 2006 (232 versus 101), and Hispanics received 55% more than whites (157 versus 101). The disparity is even more striking among adolescents; more than 90% of the MSM under age 20 diagnosed with HIV in 2006 were black or Hispanic (81 out of 87).
  • Every borough except Staten Island has seen HIV increase among MSM under 30 since 2001. The largest increases occurred in Queens (49%) and Manhattan (57%). The increase in Manhattan was concentrated in East and Central Harlem (up 115%, from 26 to 56), and in the Chelsea and Clinton areas (up 56%, from 25 to 39).

The National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS president Debra Frasier-Howe said, "These numbers are devastating. After 26 years of AIDS, we cannot drift backward. We must ask all New Yorkers to accept some responsibility for helping our young people protect themselves. Their lives are not dispensable.”

The Health Department offers free HIV testing at 10 STD clinics and has been distributing free NYC Condoms. More information about the new data and HIV testing here.