A cyclist struck a 67-year-old woman on the Upper East Side on Tuesday afternoon, leaving her with serious injuries before fleeing the scene.

According to NBC 4, Mary Grace Belfi was exiting her parked car on First Avenue and 86th Street to feed the meter when she was hit by the cyclist as she stepped into the bike lane.

"I was in the passenger seat and I saw him whizzing by out of the periphery of my eye, and I saw her just drop," Belfi's daughter, Lilly Belfi, told the outlet.

"She was on the ground unconscious, seizing, bleeding everywhere. Blood was coming out of her nose and mouth."

Mary Grace Belfi suffered extensive bleeding on the brain, and a broken nose and collarbone.

The car's dash camera captured an image of the cyclist as he pedaled away.

Lilly Belfi told the Post that her mother is "getting better."

"She was in the ICU for a couple days. She’s talking now. Her memory is not that great but she does know what happened to her. She keeps asking, ‘Have they caught the guy?’”

A study released last fall showed that the number of pedestrians injured by cyclists in New York was declining, but the most recent data used in the study was from 2011.