2005_04_hitandruncar.jpgIt seems like there are too many stories of hit-and-run incidents lately. Yesterday, a 10 year-old girl was in a coma after a driver hit her father's car in Queens and a cancer surgeon was killed after being hit by an ambulette on her way to work in Manhattan. Last week, a woman was found dead on the Upper East Side, after a hit-and-run. Not to mention countless others. The little girl in the coma was hit by a man whose blood alcohol level was 0.20%, way over the 0.08% legal limit; he was found by onlookers who followed his car by bicycle. Do DA's offices need to be more stringent in charging people for hit-and-runs? Are people too cavalier about how they walk? Is it too much to ask that drivers pay attention? Here are the city's traffic rules that apply to drivers and pedestrians from the Department of Transportation.

Last year, there was a terrible hit-and-run where a woman was hit by three cars that didn't stop. And a Queens mother whose son was killed in a drunk-driving hit-and-run thinks Albany's DWI bill stinks.

Photo of hit and run from the Daily News