2008_12_siteens.jpgPolice believe that a 38-year-old Staten Island man left in a coma was attacked by the same white teens who beat a black Muslim teen with a bat on Election night. The Daily News reports that Ronald Forte, supermarket manager who is white, was allegedly "spotted by [Ralph] Nicolleti and [Bryan] Garaventa," who were "trolling a predominately black and Hispanic Staten Island neighborhood looking for victims." Forte was wearing his sweatshirt's hood because it was raining, and sources told the Advance the teens may have thought he was black, so they allegedly ran him down with a car, got out of the car and beat him, and then stole items from him. Forte, the father of five, was in a coma for weeks; he now has brain injuries that require extensive therapy. The NYPD is investigating this as a hate crime and Forte's mother sadly said to the S.I. Advance, "My heart is broken. I can't imagine anything like this happening to anyone. It's despicable."