The driver who allegedly ran over a teenage girl in Brooklyn last month — and who was then caught on camera inspecting the injured victim, before getting back in her car and fleeing — has been arrested by police.

Julia Litmanovich, a 49-year-old Staten Island woman, was arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal Court on Thursday, and now faces a slew of charges including leaving the scene of an accident with an injury and reckless endangerment. But Litmanovich, whose lengthy rap sheet includes several drunk driving arrests, apparently doesn't see the problem in her actions.

“What is the big deal?" she allegedly told officers escorting her to Central Booking, according to Assistant District Attorney Tziyonah Langsam. "It was an accident."

Surveillance footage of the incident shows Litmanovich's Dodge Challenger — with Georgia plates — plowing into 14-year-old Xin Yi Wang in a Borough Park crosswalk and launching her into oncoming traffic. After exiting the vehicle to check on the victim, the driver reportedly claimed she was going to park her car, but never returned.

The victim was transported to Maimonides Hospital with severe bruising. She is now in stable condition.

On Thursday, Brooklyn prosecutors noted that Litmanovich's past arrests included three felonies and 38 misdemeanors. She has been convicted three times for driving while intoxicated.

According to the Daily News, attorneys for Litmanovich countered that their client's last arrest was more than a decade ago, and that she is now a licensed substance abuse counselor.

“She has truly turned her life around since her last arrest,” the defense attorney reportedly said. "She got clean 11 years ago."

But Judge Gina Abadi appeared unconvinced. After suspending her license, the judge ordered Litmanovich held on $7,500 bond or $3,000 cash. She is expected to return to court on April 16th.