Brooklyn's own Harry Shasho, owner of luxury car detailing shop 212 Motoring, is suing the city for neglecting his Bentley while it was impounded as evidence for a year and a half. According to the Daily News, Shasho is seeking $190,000 in damages because police allowed "mold to grow inside and water damage to occur, rendering the vehicle inoperable." What the lawsuit doesn't mention is that Shasho's Bentley was already a little dinged up after that night in 2005 when he ran over 54-year-old Louis (Pete) Couch on Ocean Parkway and left him for dead. The Post reports the Bentley had a cracked windshield and damage to the headlights, fender and roof. He pleaded guilty, did some community service, and lost his license for six months. Hearing about the lawsuit, the victim's longtime girlfriend told the News, "He's not a human being, he's an animal with no conscience."