The NYU hit-and-run death suspect, Wole Parks, was released on $7,500 bond yesterday. His lawyer seems to be taking the "blame the victim" approach, by saying that grad student Hannah Engle "ran" into 14th Street and 2nd Avenue where Parks was driving his Hyundai. Unfortunately for Parks and his lawyer, Parks was driving with a suspended license and fled the scene - and prosecutors made the point that Parks shouldn't have been driving at all. Oh, and a police offier says that Parks smelled of alcohol and seemed to have an open container that smelled alcoholic in the car. Parks lost his license last year with a DWI, but had it reinstated after completing a DWI program; the current suspension was due to an unpaid fine. Engle's sister, Rebecca Jupiter, spoke out about reckless driving, "People should not take driving lightly. You can't get behind the wheel of what is really a weapon if you're intoxicated."

Parks gradudated from Stuyvesant and starred in Undressed, MTV's sexy soap. He played Brett, who isn't sure if he should get circumcised for girlfriend Shay.