Police say they've arrested the hit-and-run driver who fatally struck an elderly woman in Staten Island on Saturday night, leaving her for dead in the street. Anastasia Diaz, 89, was run over as she crossed Bradley Avenue at the intersection of Purdy Avenue around 10:30 p.m. Diaz had just stepped off an S57 bus on her way home from Easter mass with her two sisters.

Diaz was pronounced dead at Richmond University Medical Center. Her sisters were reportedly walking behind her when she was struck in the crosswalk. Using their description of the vehicle, investigators located security camera video of the minivan believed to be involved and distributed it to the press.

Some time after the crash, police say the driver of the minivan, 74-year-old Johnson Kim, took the vehicle to a local body shop for repairs, in an alleged attempt to cover up the damage from the hit-and-run.

Police arrested Kim, who lives two miles from the crash scene, on Tuesday, charging him with leaving an accident that resulted in death, tampering with evidence, and leaving an accident seriously injured.