Apparently SoHo's BP gas station, a provincial hold-out in a sea of upscale shops and the fashionable waifs who love them, isn't quite historic enough to be saved after all. The city's Landmarks Preservation Commission—the same preservation commission that last year declared the station part of SoHo's historic district—has unanimously approved a plan to demolish the BP, along with nearby Puck Fair and a former mechanic shop, to make way for seven stories' worth of office and retail space.

According to the commission, the demolition was approved because the buildings "are atypical of the structures found elsewhere in the district." And while BP owner Marcello Porcelli is actually spearheading the new development, employees at Puck Fair are quietly frowning into their beer mugs. Colin, a manager at the bar who declined to give his last name, called the impending changes "a shame."

"There's a lot of people who make a living on this corner," he said. "I think the way they look at it is, the people who work in an office are more important than people who don’t work in an office. Obviously money talks."

Colin said though he has no idea when construction will actually begin, he doesn't have plans to become an office drone anytime soon. Asked what he would do when the wrecking ball does eventually force him from behind the bar, Colin sighed. "I'll probably go down to the Bahamas and do some fishing."

Before you feel too bad, though, remember this: The fewer gas stations there are, the harder life becomes for Ferrari-driving douche bags like this.