Possibly in honor of the cold weather today, the Post takes a look at how men with furry faces have become more accepted in the workplace. However, despite the newfound prevalence of beards, there are still no laws protecting those with facial hair that's not related to religion or disability! Didn't anyone tell them about Movember?

As for why beards and mustaches have come into fashion, Damien Miano, co-owner of Miano Viel Salon & Spa, said, “The economy dictated it. The younger guys who are unemployed, they like it and it becomes sort of a style." Perhaps it's also an attempt to woo the ladies outside of the office. A new study reports that 54% of women prefer their men to have some sort of facial hair, though just 12% said they liked full beards. Most said that they prefer their men to have light stubble.

Tor Myhren, chief creative officer at Grey North America, says the ad world is filled with bearded men (hello, Bert Cooper), and Milano says it's becoming popular among guys in finance. But for how long? Milano estimates by next year all of the finance world will be clean shaven once more. We're guessing it'll fizzle out as soon as the Times writes its trend piece. (It almost happened already!)