Sure, State Senator Hiram Monserrate wants to marry his girlfriend Karla Giraldo (at least according to his lawyer)—but there is a snag: That pesky order of protection that prevents Monserrate from contacting Giraldo, since he slashed her face with a broken glass last December! Monserrate and Giraldo both said it was an accident—and Monserrate was acquitted of two felony charges related to the incident but found guilty of a misdemeanor—but the judge still needs to remove the order.

The Post spoke to Monserrate's lawyer Joseph Tacopina who said that Giraldo "indicated she wants to be with him and marry him" and confirmed that the freshman senator "has a ring for her." Giraldo's lawyer said she "started squeaking and squealing and laughing, and was very happy" when she heard that Monserrate wanted to pop the question, adding, "She wants nothing more than to have that order of protection lifted."

And in spite of calls for him to step down, Monserrate says he's not budging, telling the Daily News, "I am not going anywhere. There have been several elected officials in Albany who ...were found guilty of misdemeanors, and no one has called for their removal."

Still, the Times notes that "Joseph Crowley, the influential chairman of the Queens Democratic Party, who last year helped nudge aside Mr. Monserrate’s predecessor, former Senator John D. Sabini, so that Mr. Monserrate could run for the seat," said that if Monserrate didn't resign, he'd back a challenger: "I think there is a tremendous amount of emphasis, and rightly so, that this was domestic violence. I don’t think it’s something our party wants to be associated with, and it’s not representative of the constituency which elected him."