Hiram Monserrate, whom you may remember from such incidents as slashing his girlfriend with a broken glass and the coup that crippled Albany last summer, was voted off State Senate Island in February. Since then, he's been keeping busy trying (and failing) to win his old Senate seat back, boxing, and readying a campaign for the Assembly. And the Post reports that he's been doing all this with the help of his old Senate parking placard, which Senators are supposed to turn in when they leave the Senate. Why do people keep hassling Monserrate with their little rules?

Senate spokesman Austin Shafran tells the tabloid, "The Senate has twice attempted to get Hiram Monserrate to return his placard, and both times our requests went unanswered." The placard doesn't expire until February 2011, and permits parking in metered spaces without paying and in no-standing zones. Shafran says that if Monserrate doesn't cough it up soon, he'll make it a police matter: "We'd like to give him every opportunity to return the placards, but that's an option that may be considered if it's not returned." Reached for comment, a Monserrate spokesman said, "I really don't know why [my boss is still using the placard but it's probably just because he's an entitled asshole]."